PAFI Dialogues

PAFI Dialogues 2020-21

PAFI Dialogues 2020-21 14th August 2020

Dialogue with PAFI & EBG Members

PAFI Dialogues 2019-20 18th December 2019

Role of Economic Offence Wing of Delhi Police and Safe Living

PAFI Dialogues 2018-19 20th April 2018

Seminar on Interplay of Competition Law and Intellectual Property Law

PAFI Dialogues 2017-18 10th November 2017

CSE’s current initiatives and what stakeholders can do to meet the current environmental challenges

PAFI Dialogues 2016-17 25th November 2016

Best practice sharing – How we managed a challenge to our brand

PAFI Dialogues 2015-16 6th November 2015

The impact of US Elections across the worldMichael W. Young, Executive Director, Global Government Affairs & Public Policy, Dell Inc.

PAFI Dialogues 2014-15 14th November 2014

Roundtable – Competition Law and New Challenges to Industry 2014 Mumbai

PAFI Dialogues 2013-14 12th December 2013

The Political & Economic Challenges India Faces in the Next 6 Months and After